Bridget Smith ,


Lisa Wilson,

Founder of The Different Levels of Abuse

Charlise Washington, Business Instructor​

​Jennifer Little,

Administrative Assistant


Melissa Pearson

Assistant Treasurer

Advisory Board 


31- Year End Ceremony


Mentoring - 2:30 - 3:30 pm/Tutoring - 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm 

Summer Field Trips


25  - Year End Summer Party

Summer Field Trips


Orientation Sept. 15th /Start of classes - Sept 22nd


Field Trip or Volunteering


Christmas Party


Laura Bentley,

Financial Management

Nicola Ince,

Life Skills  Instructor

Shanell Stevens,

Arts  & Crafts/Reseach Assistant

Cynthia Romero,


Hazel Applewhite


CGI Values



Founder & CEO

Brittany Russell,

Director of Programming


Administrative Assistant #2

Complete Girlz, Inc. was organized and founded by Earlene Lezama-Taylor in 2015.  Complete Girlz is a non-profit organization specializing in Entrepreneurship, Business & Etiquette. Ms. Taylor saw the need to educate young women/girls in low income communities as well as other young women/girls with a specific training to equip them with complete tools they need to become better leaders in their communities.  She has been personally mentoring young people and has been in the business arena for numerous years.  She attended NYC Technical College in Brooklyn majoring in Art & Advertising Design and she currently attends Metropolitan College for Business Management.  She is a member of The National Association of Professional Women, listed with the NY Women's Chamber of Commerce and a notary

1. Expand our presence and visibility within the community

2 Provide and promote a world class program and provide quality information

3 Enhance student value through education, research, networking, communication

4 Retain and recruit students

5 Operate with sound business practices

Complete Girlz's mission is to empower and strengthen young women in our community by giving them the tools needed to overcome adversity through educational and enrichment programs which promote leadership, confidence and self-worth.



Event Planner

Earlene Taylor’s vision is that all young women, if given the right tools can become extremely successful at an early age.  She hopes to provide hands on training for young women so that they can see the necessity for them to become business owners and successful entrepreneurs.  Her desire is to teach young women/girls the principles so that they can “Be all that they can be.”

Laura Bentley

Meredith Palermo,

 Special Projects 

Thays Vick,

Fashion/Self Imaging

Phil Andrews,

President of Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce


Ava Levine, 

 Youth Secretary (Asst.)

Calender of Events 2018

Rosaline Astefanous,


Wanda Bryant,

Co-Founder of Entrepreneur Nation

Our Goals

Kamely Diaz,

Dance Instructor/Public Speaking

Alicia John Esq.

Melissa Pearson,

Self-Esteem Instructor

Board of Directors

Our Vision

As a professional not-for-profit organization, we hold these values:

  • We operate with the highest standards of integrity.
  • We are dedicated to professional development.
  • We are a professional organization operated by Board of Directors.
  • We champion thought leadership and innovation.
  • We offer knowledge and expertise of the highest quality.

Juanita Farnun,

Beauty Instructor

Vanina Williams,

Chair Person